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What is SSCA?

SSCA helps you test your database audit solution's effectiveness at auditing Microsoft SQL Server connections by automating DB connections, results, and logs. Audit effectiveness is the ability of an audit solution to determine who is accessing the database no matter what the database connection parameters might be.   SCCA can also be used for SQL connection testing and troubleshooting.

How SSCA Helps Test SQL Database Auditing

Your DB audit solution should be able to tell you the user, objects accessed, and other information related to each connection. SQL database connections differ based on protocaol, SSL, and authentication type.  Other factors that could increase the number of tests that should be run to determine if your database audit solution works. For example, you may have clustered and non-clustered SQL servers, or test servers may be using non-trusted certificates for SSL. You might make different types of connections in quick succession to see if your audit solution gets confused. The audit solution must be able to determine the username and other information about each these connections, if it does not then your audit solution has a blind spot.

Testing all these connection types manually is a time consuming and error prone process. SCCA helps you by automatic ally testing SQL connections in a way that makes it easy to trace each connection through your audit solution.


HTTP, Named pipe, Session, Shared memory, SSL, TCP, and VIA.


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